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 quests For Race Tran's

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PostSubject: quests For Race Tran's   Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:04 am

ok lets get started

Old Majin Buu Quest

Name of Quest :Old buu ( nope cant think of anything better)
What you do: well you go and talk with old Buu in Future he will then give you em a Special Candy youd then eat the candy and talk to him again he will tell you to go and Kill the Son of Goku ( gohan) who is in Future you would go kill him talk to Old Buu again and he will tell you to Abosrb him when you do you will then be able to Transform into Old buu

Reward:Old buu tranformation

Name of Quest: Legendary Super Saiyan
What you Do: you would go and Talk to Broly who is in a Cave some where on Earth he will then ask you if you want to do his Training ( click yes you do his Training Click no then just leave) you would do about 20 minutes Training then Brolly will Ask you if you could do him a Favor which is to Kill Kid Goku Once you do that you go abck to Brolly and Learn L SSJ

Reward: Chance to kill Kid Goku and get L SSJ

plz comment on this aswell + more ideas to come :p

EDIT!: also suggest maybe makin brolly give crusher Ball tech at level 800 :p
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quests For Race Tran's
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