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 GM Application :)

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SS Goku

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PostSubject: GM Application :)   Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:05 pm

key: Goku super sayian 4 (as it written)

Y i want to be gm:B/c im helpful and i like to help make the game fun. i help by if someone lost and doesnt know where there going i can help or if they havent played a dbz game and want to know what to do i can help with that.

GM in which games Smile:
DragonballZTheNewAge:GM (lvl6)
DragonBallZGuerillaWarfare:Admin Smile
DragonBallZLegendaryWarriors: was GM but game shut down Sad
DragonBallZNocturnal: GM (Lvl3)
HeroesLegacy: Admin
DragonballZKumoriKunrin2 GM (LVL5)
DragonBallZDarkAges: GM (LVL6)
DragonballGTSaiyanOblivion3: Half owner
saiyanalliance: Half owner Smile
DragonballUnleashed: High Admin
DragonballZen: GM TEMP LVL3
REO 2 (Enforcer with my bro)
Reo (Enforcer with my bro just helping out)

-and um Enforcing ^^

Games i been or made:i made a few games back then and i think im gonna make another one but ill wait on that i been co owner in 4 to 5 games and gm in almoat everygame i like so far.

hoping this game comes together and want to be apart of it so this game will be popular in ways idk

i will do my best i know not to edit and i know the rules ^_0

What is my job:
1. do not edit or anything i will get banned
2.make the players enjoy the game have a few laughs and have fun
3. give them what they want and dont bother
4.do not get on the game and get pissed and yell it out on another person
5. Most of all have fun ^^ Very Happy
6. im a very nice person to have fun with Very Happy

contact me on msn: Goku_sad@hotmail.com
or aim: gokukunsayian

im hopeing this game gets to #1 rank but as u said its not ur offical game lol just one that u can play in the mean time for the other one. so i wished the best for ur game buddy. ^^

Bye Bye: ok Cya and i hope i get accepted and hope for the best ^^

im Happy now Smile Very Happy bounce clown Like a Star @ heaven What a Face Laughing cyclops Idea Razz
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GM Application :)
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