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 Gm application

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PostSubject: Gm application   Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:29 am

Name: Kratos

Key Name: XBlackwindX

Past Experience: Dragonballz Gt Darkness within-Dragonballz Supreme Fighters-Dragonballz Future Fighters and alot more
Administrator, DBZ Last Galaxy-Enforcer, DBZ New Future-Administrator, Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion-Enforcer and alot more.

Why should we choose you to be a GM? There are so many reasons for why i want to be a GM. These reasons are related to the problems and advantages the game will have if Im a GM. Also I will inform you GMs how are things are going on. I know that being a GM in the game is a big responsiblilty and I think I am ready.

First of all, as being a GM, I will respect everyone in the game. I will be willing to help out everyone. I will not give help to people on leveling up their stats. I see some GMs doing favors for other peoples. I will alert other GMs of people sneeking away from getting caught when they spam race or multied race.

If you choose me as a GM I will enforce the law to rule breakers. While still being Enforcer or a Trial Enforcer I will boot off people who creates mischeif. IF, and thats a big if, im promoted to Admin or Master Admin I will make people respect our fellow players and GMs especially the owners. If people are annoying to you guys from asking to much questions, I will take over for answers their questions. I will give 110% of being a excellent GM.

I followed all of the rules and have learned from previous GMs. This time I will offer help to every GM in this game. So far there are a lot of GMs in the game. I just want to play my part to help in this game. Also you guys will be question freed, sort of.

Sometimes I may get on peoples nerves, but I find a way to over come it and settle our disagreements. Im not a serious person as this essay. Im just writing like this so you can see my point. I will try to make everyone to be as a team and to not argue, but surely they can joke around.

The Reason why you should pick me:
From this Essay, I am actually saying that I am a good person for the job. I get no pressure under the responsibilities. I will try my best as a GM.
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Gm application
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