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 Idea's for the game

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PostSubject: Idea's for the game   Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:06 pm

theres no tab for suggestions or idea's so i guess this is the closest. i have a few idea's to add to the game.

here are a few ideas for this game to keep it from dieing out and losing everybody. we had about 30 people playing before you had this 2 month long update where you just changed the map, added 1 trans for 1 race, and switched some GMs around

Black star dragonballs- you see them in other games , dragonballs that are the strongest and give the most to your stats, in other games it gives around 5k TPs or 1k levels.

fix the saibamen/makenshi bug- they are perm transes but the problem is when they trans it doesnt affect their base stats it only ups it temporarily so when you log out the boost is gone.

add a few move's - make new moves like specific to certain races so not everyone gets the same moves.

we liked the old leveling!- the new system where it slows down at about 3k is not as good in my opinion but whatever.

more active GMs- some GMs you have listed i never see online and thats making the few that are active have to be on longer when they cant, there is alot of time where we have problems and nobody is online.\

more players- we have about 6 players on daily that are not GMs. get the GMs to go to games with less people and convince them to come to this game, say like "oh our game is just as good but we need a few more players", or "come to our game its new and original and has more transes than this one" , it doesnt even need to be true just get more people. whatever. we need about 20 players for a decent community
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Idea's for the game
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